book review: Creating A Missional Culture


When I consider books about the missio dei that have most profoundly impacted my life and my missional worldview, Creating a Missional Culture, by JR Woodward ranks highest on the list.

I’m on my third read through this book and I am wearing out another highlighter as I consider all the ways I can live missionally in my church, my community and the world.  Even more than how it applies to ME personally, this book offers incredible insight into engaging my already existing church family in the mission of God.

After reading thru his chapters on the 5 equippers (from Ephesians 4), I felt more empowered than ever to fully embrace my gifting of apostle/prophet.  That empowerment – along with the encouraging words of another strong apostolic woman – pushed me forward into ministry that I had never considered before.  To be reminded that all the equippers were meant to work together and in harmony for the cause of Christ and His kingdom was just the picture that I needed to more fully serve the church “for the sake of the world”.

My personal story involves frustration with the status quo of the church in America today.  The insights in this book, along with a heart submitted to the Holy Spirit’s leading, moved me past being a common cynic and into being a leader filled with hope for all the church can be!

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