Third Places

No.  Not 3rd place – as in a bronze medal.

I’m thinking a lot about third places after reading this excellent blog post by Brad Brisco.

Even as I write this, I am sitting in a little coffee shop on a college campus – the quintessential third place.  I overhear a conversation over my shoulder about Russia and China taking over the world.  I see a man who appears to be working intently on his Mac, but he might just be watching a Ted Talk.  A group of older friends are catching up at a long table over coffee and pastries.  A father is sitting at a high table with his two young children.  The one thing that unites us all is this “neutral ground” – a “home away from home”.


Does the Church (the people) view their church (the building) as a third place?

I think they might see their church as their third place

but what if we chose to see it differently?

I have many ideas noodling around in my mind right now.  A lot of ideas that require us to hold all the blessings God has given us with open hands.  If we truly view our church buildings as God’s buildings, how might we use them differently for the kingdom in a missional context?

What if our neighborhoods and communities began to see our churches as a third place?  Not just a place to come for worship on a Sunday morning, but as a true third place?  A “neutral place”?  A “home away from home”?  Is it even possible for the secular world to view the Church that way???

A girl can dream, right???

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